Welcome to xinorbis - storage analysis made easy!

Xinorbis is a simple but powerful hard disk, folder and storage analyser. It uses a sophisticated mix of graphs, tables and tree displays to give a complete overview of the contents of any hard disk, folder, removable or network drive.


It makes it easy to see the contents, structure, file distribution and file composition of a whole hard disk, folder, or mapped network drive. Includes full report creation. Xinorbis is bundled with Be.HexEditor and options to view any file within the hex editor have been added to all relevant popup-menus.


New Version coming soon!


As you can see the Xinorbis website is currently under construction. The updated site will online in a few days (before the end of Febraury). Xinorbis 8 will be the first 64-bit xinorbis, will hundreds of new features and updates. Be prepared to be very excited :)