Source Code

Xinorbis is developed by the awesome Maximum Octopus.

Xinorbis (Delphi 10.2) :: February 25th 2020, 8.3.1
Source code for the main Xinorbis application. This requires several commercial third-party components (by TMS Components) that cannot be distributed. See readme for more information.
Download source from sourceforge (Delphi 10.2)
X.Robot (C++ rewrite) :: June 5th 2020
This is the work-in-progress C++ rewrite of X.Robot. Now includes Folder History database updating via sqlite and ODBC. HTML report graphs are implemented using the Google Chart API. It does have a few extra features (/top20 to list the top 20 largest files to the console, and a few other similar functions).
This version is different to the one on the download page. Once I'm happy it's bug-free and feature complete this will replace the current Delphi version.
Download source from sourceforge (Visual Studio 2019 C++ project)
X.Database :: June 5th 2020
A tool for advanced users. A GUI front-end for exploring the Folder History database. Search with SQL queries and export CSV or XML.
Download source from sourceforge (Visual Studio 2019 C# project)